Their Early Stuff

by Jane Astronaut

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released August 29, 2011



all rights reserved


Jane Astronaut Inglewood, California

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Track Name: You Missed Out
Going home walk down the road
See a bird, she know the word
Hitchin' hikes all down the pike
Check the time, familiar signs
I think I'm real lost

Walk 'til your gone
Talk though you're wrong
Win never fought
Be though you're not

Hard to find the wasted time
Violet shine trying to hide
Taste the air that you paid for
Gettin' old, tragic, I know

Track Name: That's How It Goes
That's how it goes
so unsure, your crawl
That's how it shows
how you're so small
Track Name: Second Look
So long
Track Name: You're So
We know what you don't know
She knows, but she don't float
We fly, you try
We insist that you desist

You're so high

They've been gone for oh, so long
Left us here with no cheer
Not to fear, we're all here
Come and gone, see that gun

Track Name: Find Your Ghost
Swim upstream don't look back
Dream a dream that harkens back
Are you old, are you sane?
Break the world in your


Find your ghost
Track Name: Early Bird
You're hiding in a shell
of a man who was bound and killed in his yard

You're an early bird
hear the word
You've made it real far
forgot who you are

You're hiding in a shell
of a man who was bound and killed in his yard
You think you're way too tall
but you're actually very small in your heart

Track Name: Your Lazy Ripoff
Take off your mask
and don't rob me
Why don't you ask,
just ask nicely?

Nicely yeah
Track Name: Daisy
Put away your guns
they're no good here.
Not today.

Scared away the nuns
they're prone to fear.
Run away.

Daisy hates me
Daisy, she fired her gun.
She hurts anyone.
Daisy cries.

Daisy pined for more,
she was too far.
By herself.

She was looking for
a handsome scar
somewhere else.

Track Name: Your Fix
You, there's stomach in your knots.
Blue, the morning never stops.

Breathe 'til you're out of breath.
Sleep. Sleep yourself to bed.
Live. Live yourself to death.
Writhe while you're on your fix.
Track Name: Minor James
She went her own way
to feed her urge
she was the heart of Minor James.

She may return
after the war
but she didn't earn what she came for.

Why can't you see that you're shrinking.
Don't look at me.
What will you say, when you meet Minor James?

James is at sea.
That's what he wrote.
Waits patiently, 'til he's at shore.

She's gone too far.
She's just a shell,
and now her heart is up for sale.

Track Name: This Can't Be It
I can see you're ageless
ageless but old.
Time is just your waitress
your stories are untold.
Varnish up the sides
and see how the hold up.
Life is just a ride
makin' it all up.

It's no the same anymore,
the same anymore,
the same anymore.

Let me see your eyes
I think they may have rot.
Despite their boundless size
you're still a have-not.
Curse this ocean breeze,
it has dulled my wit.
Tell me what you see,
I know this can't be it.